A round-up of my writings from 2000-2006 on Israel, Palestine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and related topics...


The Case for Israel Revisited, Part I and Part II; On Israeli Porn; Three Reports on Peace Protests in Israel;


Mourning Kahane; Israeli Elections, American Distractions; Sharon’s Speech, Part I and Part II; Peace and Nonbelligerence; Only One Way Out; A War of Percentages; Three Dead, War to Go; Extreme Effects; Recollections and Reflections, And a Moment of Thinking of the Future; A Visit to New York's Islamic Cultural Center; The Jewish High Holidays 2001/5762; Communities in Question; Anger, Part 2: Opportunities; The Coming Middle East Crisis;


What's New, by Paul Usiskin; Every Story Has Two Sides; Israeli Soldiers Hold American Citizens At Gunpoint by Huwaida Arraf; Intellectual Cousins; Too Many Rights, Too Many Wrongs; Overcoming; The Importance of Being Earnest; Who Played Whom?; Forgotten, But Not Gone;


The Comedy News Round-Up; Israeli Elections – Again; Mixed Messages; No Sympathy for the Devils; Hearts and Heads; Blame the Jews;


Spring Sermon; The Glib Factor - Segment 14: Suicide Boss; It’s a Borderline Case; What Are Sharon’s Wars For?; Legitimate Value;


It's The Little Things; Let's Have A Parade; Excuses, Excuses; Hydra-ology;Let's Have A Parade; Aired Laundry Dries Faster; Fair-Weather Values; And in other news; The Ugliness Behind The Curtain; Reconciliation & Resistance; Is Zionism Still Relevant?;